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Dr. Mitsi Bennett

Meet Dr. Mitsi Bennett

When animals experience anxiety or illness, it is not uncommon for their owner’s life to unravel. My great passion and instincts are to bring a tender disposition and serene atmosphere to help manage their stressful event. I help my patients - those being dogs, cats, and horses - to feel relaxed at a time when instincts often tell them to lose control.

No single approach to easing anxiety and treating with medicine is the right one for every animal or every owner, and so I use my educational background which includes an Associates in Nursing and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in Auburn, AL. As a registered nurse, I worked in various fields including medical, gastroenterology, dialysis, oncology, and hospice.

I highly value my role as a veterinarian. It is a priceless profession to me and I strive to be empathetic and knowledgeable in treating animals under my care.

Complete Outpatient Care For Your Pets

Dr. Bennett's goal is to provide quality mobile vet care in the security of your pet's home, thereby eliminating the fear and anxiety your animal may experience by traveling to a veterinary clinic. Dr. Bennett's mobile coach arrives at your residence and offers a variety of outpatient services such as in-home euthanasia, dental cleanings, vaccines, minor injury, medical evaluation, diagnostic testing, surgery, and wellness. However, when hospitalization, advanced diagnostics or major surgery is needed, Dr. Bennett works with local veterinary specialists and veterinary hospitals. Bennett Vet Services make sure your furry family members receive the best cutting-edge veterinary medicine available.

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Dr. Bennett’s Veterinary House Calls serve the following areas:

Dr. Bennett's Mobile Veterinary service delivers quality veterinary care on a house call basis throughout (but not limited to) the areas and surrounding/adjoining areas of:

Evansville, IN
Newburgh, IN
Henderson, KY
Owensboro, KY
Madisonville, KY

*Dr. Bennett is also licensed in Illinois and available for home euthanasia.

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